AMND my words

In the forest two fairies meet each other by chance. One is a servant of Titania and the other fairy is a servant of Oberon. The servant of Titania is told to keep her master away from his own because they are very angry with one another. Oberon wishes to ‘knight’ Titania’s indian attendant (because ‘the boy is so beautiful). Oberon’s servant is told to be Puck, a goblin prankster who Titania is delighted to meet. When Oberon ¬†and Titania enter the glade at opposite sides they start to argue and questioning each other of why they came here before Theseus and Hippolyta’s wedding. Oberon frames Titania of loving Theseus and the conversation turns to Titania’s attendant who Oberon still wishes to be given to him. Titania says that since the boy’s mother was her follower and she will honor her (because the boy’s mother died) by keeping him close to him, she also invites him to a fairy dance but Oberon rejects the offer and tells her they will not be allies till the boy is his. When Titania leaves Oberon plans his revenge. He tells Puck to pick a white and purple flower which was called love-in-idleness (this flower was hit by one of Cupid’s arrows). He says that when the flower juice is rubbed on a person’s eyelids, it will cause the person to fall in love with the first living thing he/she lays its eyes on. Oberon hopes that Titania will fall madly in love with some animal and will not take the effect away till he receives the boy.

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