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Act 3 Sc 1

in the forest the actors meet up to rehearse for their play. when bottom steps aside for a moment, puck turns his head to look like an ass/donkey. when he comes back all his colleagues stare at him with fright and run away. bottom, disappointed stays. titania wakes up to hearing him moan and weep and the potion juice starts to work. she asks him to stay with her and has her fairies take care of him. at this point, bottom is still unaware of his new look, and yet titania still looks at him with love and affection.

Act 3 Sc 2

when puck enters the scene he tells oberon about how he ‘fulfilled’ his task and oberon is delighted. when he leaves he sees another woman (Helena instead of Hermia) being chased by the man he spread the flower juice on (Lysander). suprised at this he realizes that something is wrong. he then puts the flower juice on Demetrius and then he starts to love Helena (who thinks that the two men are playing a joke on her). Hermia wakes up from a nightmare to see that Lysander is not around. Hermia finds them and thinks that Helena is playing a joke on them. Helena thinks that Hermia is playing a on her. Lysander and Demetrius then start to fight which initially enters into a fight. Oberon sends Puck to stop them before they do and to fix everything.

Act 3 Sc3

Lysander and Hermia, Demetrius and Helena are found sleeping together in the forest/woods. it seems that Puck has fixed the situation.

Act 4 Sc 1

In the forest Titania is still showing affection to Bottom. Elsewhere Oberon and Puck are laughing at how Titania is in love with a donkey man. Oberon said that he told Titania that he will undo the spell if he receives the Indian boy. She agrees and Oberon lifts the spell, and Titania, waking up, is shocked to see that their is a man with an ass’ head on him. Oberon takes her the ball and Puck lifts the donkey spell from Bottom. Later Theseus, Hippolyta  and Egeus, accompanied by a few attendant, find the athenian couples in the forest glade and ask what had transpired. They tell their story and Theseus orders that they come with them to wedding feast. Bottom wakes up saying he has had a great dream which will be a ballad at the end of Peter Quince’s play.

Act 4 Sc 2

at Quince’s house, the people of the play sit around sad for their friend Bottom who is believed to have been put a spell on by the fairies. they hear news that Theseus has marries Hippolyta with a couple of others and that they would like a play. Just then Bottom comes in and everyone rejoices and he says that he has a story for them. Peter asks to hear, but Bottom replies by saying there is no time and that they need to get on with the play.

Act 5 Sc 1 (epilogue)

at the palace Theseus is told about the many entertainment there is tonight. he asks to see Pyramus and Thisbe and there is a prologue before the play starts. As the play goes on the wall (who is a man dressed as a wall with a ‘chink’) is used as a division between Pyramus and Thisbe, whose performances are joked around by the nobleman and women. When the lion scene enters, Snug (who is the lion) tells the people that he is not a lion but a man and then scares Thisbe away. Pyramus enters thinking that Thisbe is dead and does suicide. Thisbe enters and does the same. At the end of the play Bottom asks the men and women if they would like to see an epilogue or a dance. They wish for the dance (due to their performance) and everyone leaves to go home.

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